The National Ranger Association at Pointe Du Hoc

The National Ranger Association was fortunate enough to join the 75th Ranger Regiment, the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade command team, and the First Lady and President of the United States of America, Donald Trump to present the commissioned Dietz print

The Pointe Du Hoc Dietz print was a commission print to celebrate and honor the sacrifice of the Rangers at the Pointe. This is the event in World War II where the motto “Rangers Lead The Way” was received and the association is honored to be a part of the presentation of print number 45 to the President of the United States.

POTUS with 75th and ARTB at Pointe Du Hoc

POTUS with 75th and ARTB at Pointe Du Hoc

Access to Fort Benning

Traveling to the Best Ranger Competition this year?  Fort Benning has recently transitioned into a closed post/installation requiring a background check for entry.  We have provided you downloadable instructions on how to apply in advance for an installation pass.  If you are unable to get your pass in advance simply allocate plenty of time to sit through the process at the main gate when you arrive on post.  In addition to access pass instructions we have provided you a map to get out to the Ranger Training Brigade.  Let Candyss Bryant know if you have any questions ( 


Fort Benning access pass instructions


Map to Ranger Training Brigade

5th Ranger Battalion Member Restored to History after 70 years

5th Ranger Battalion Member Restored to History after 70 years

Every once in a awhile we are granted an opportunity to share exceptional stories......

By: Noel F. Mehlo, Jr.

 The U.S. Army Ranger Creed states: “I will never leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy.”  What if the enemy is time? 

 Staff Sergeant (S/Sgt) Herbert Hull was in the 5th Ranger Infantry Battalion in World War II.  He was wounded in France at Fort de Toulbroc’h on September 2, 1944.  On this date, the battalion had been split into two groups for combat operations around the Brest area.  Companies B, D, F and Headquarters of the 5th Ranger Infantry Battalion were engaged at Fort de Toulbroc’h.  The 5th Ranger Infantry Battalion, B Company, 2nd Platoon, was under the command 1st Lt. Louis J. Gombosi.  The platoon moved to the south down a long and deep ravine as part of an ordered reconnaissance in force.  Upon reaching the sea, the platoon separated into two Sections, the first led by Gombosi, the second by Hull.  Hull’s section moved back slightly to the north and then east up a secondary ravine toward the outer perimeter defenses of the northwestern edge of the objective.  This fortification has stood sentinel over the port of Brest, France since at least 1884.  Under German occupation, it acted as one of the formidable coastal defenses to the west of the German fortress of Brest as part of the vaunted German “Atlantikwall.”  Within it were many pieces of artillery capable of firing into the flanks and rear of the rapidly advancing 29th Infantry Division to the north of the fort who were closing in on the Port of Brest which lie to the east.  The capture or elimination of this important strongpoint was just the sort of mission that the 5th Ranger Battalion was created for. 

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Commemorative Gerber DeFacto Knife available for 30th Annual BRC


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