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The Ranger Hall of Fame is held annually in July at Fort Benning, Georgia. The Ranger Hall of Fame was formed to honor and preserve the spirit and contributions of America's most extraordinary Rangers. Inductees are selected impartially from Ranger units and associations representing each era or Ranger history.

Each nominee is subjected to the scrutiny of the Selection Board to ensure the most extraordinary contributions are acknowledged. A complete archive of nominees and their biographical information can be found at the Ranger Training Brigade Ranger Hall of Fame website. 

To be eligible for selection to the Hall of Fame, a person must be deceased or have been separated, or retired from active military service for at least three years at the time of nomination. He must have served in a Ranger unit in combat or be a successful graduate of the U.S. Army Ranger School. A Ranger unit is defined as those Army units recognized in Ranger lineage or history. Achievement or service may be considered for individuals in a position in state or national government after the Ranger has departed the Armed Forces.

Honorary induction may be conferred on individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to Ranger units, the Ranger foundation, or the Ranger community in general, but who do not meet the normal criteria of combat service with a Ranger unit or graduation from the U.S. Army Ranger School.

2017 Inductees Include:

SGM Ret. Tyrone J. Adderly
CSM Ret. Frank Ashe
1SG Ret. Herbert Baugh
1SG Ret. Ronald Grenier
MSG Ret. Gilbert Howland
SSG Ronnie Imel
CSM Ret. Richard Lamb
MAJ Ret. Larry Moores
BG Ret. Craig Nixon
LT Tommy Norris (USN) (MOH)
MSG Ret. Leroy Petry (MOH)
1SG Ret. Mike Ramsey
SGM Ret. John Roy
CH Ret. Jeff Struecker
CSM Ret. Charles Thompson
LTG Ret. John Vines
CSM Ret. Matthew Walker